Laboratory Introduction

Introducing corporate annex laboratory creating new values
Based on advanced technology and powerful challenging spirit

The corporate annex laboratory of NDFOS, since establishment in March 2012, has conducted many researches and developments by talented research personnel. To become the leader of this change, we will spare no efforts to new technology development based on endless passion and challenging spirit.

  • Consistent Investment

    We are investing a tremendous amount of annual sales to R&D.
    By executing and concentrating investments, we have made remarkable research performance.

  • R&D Strategy

    By focusing on industrial tape and window film as the core research areas, we are concentrating our R&D competency. Also, we are expanding from IT mobile sector to household appliances, displays, and automobiles as part of our R&D strategy for future growth.

  • Complete Compensation to Excellent Research Personnel

    Improved technological capacity of company through development of new high profit products and new technologies

Competitiveness of Corporate Annex Laboratory

Holding Technology Competitiveness Expected Effect

Develop technology from independent design

- Stable property in a limited development environment

- Continues to improve productivity and quality

Deal with Compactness and Miniaturization

- Improved high functional adherence

- Maintain stability in extreme environment

- Property for narrow bezel

Advanced Material

Cushion layer design

- Independent technology that perfectly replaces PE foam

Develop shock absorption technology

- Improved material and development of property against amount of shock energy absorbed


Optimal structural design for each product

Optimized technology for required property

Design to suit requirements of high functional product

- Improvement and development for each material and required function
(Vibration proof, waterproof, narrow bezel)

- Develop technology for productivity improvement

Measure Device

Possess facility for developing property

Possess diverse testing equipment required for developing chemicals

Establish mechanical and optical property evaluation system

Possess physical and mechanical evaluation technology

High reliability device design

Research Facility (Production Equipment) Status