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Conductive Tape

Tape of surprising performance that discharges heat when attached to heat source at the back of TV/mobile device/tablet PC/laptop LED bar to prevent malfunctioning of device, maintain performance and extend lifetime!

Recently, TV thickness and bezel width are decreasing, and with this, the need for heat resistant tape for reducing heat is increasing.
NDFOS has successfully tested high specification heat resistant tape required by many domestic manufacturers, and the application range is expected to become wider from TVs and mobile devices to microwave ovens and navigations.

Water-Soluble Tape

Water-soluble tape is a tape used for rolling paper onto paper tube in the paper-mill industry and is water soluble. Water soluble tape must have the adhesive power to fix paper rolled onto the paper tube while winding and must be water soluble for recycling by melting tape in water.

NDFOS products have improved adhesive power and can withstand high temperature and high humidity compared to competitor’s products, and have improved quality in all conditions of water soluble tape such as maintenance power for withstanding paper, water soluble property and less deformation in high temperature and humidity of paper-mill factory.

Other Products

Battery Fixation Tape Used for battery cell interior & exterior finishes and for insulation purpose in electronic devices and automobiles
Transparent Tape for Sensors Used for adhering automotive parking sensors
Light Shielding Tape Used in electronic devices with backlight, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and notebooks;
Designed to block internal light leaks from backlight; Currently conducting sales activities to customers
Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) Tape For shielding EMI emitted from electronic products and preventing malfunction;
Currently conducting sales activities to customers
Magnetic Film for Wireless Charging For NFC antennas; Suited for EMI shielding and enhancing wireless charging capability