Adhesive Tape

NDFOS, leading modern industry with original technology in adhesives

Double sided tape for TSP adheres between the smartphone display and touch screen panel.

Apart from smartphones, it is also used in devices such as OLED TV, Electric Car, Tablet PC, E-Book, Smartwatch, Notebook.

NDFOS double sided tape is applied in various sectors such as smartphone TSP as well as front/rear, cameras, home button, antenna and for decoration.

Product Features

High performance water and vibration proof functions: The highest waterproof property (IPX 8 level) in existing tapes
* IPX8 level: Level in which product operates properly in water pressure when submerged 1m under water for a long time

Excellent adhesive strength that can withstand slim size and reduction in bezel width of mobile devices

Impact absorption beyond the limitation of existing tapes (Approximately over 5 times)

Rework capability that does not require replacement of TSP module for assembly defect or during repair

Workability : It is a easy to die cut Narrow bezel

Reliability : The property of maintaining adhesiveness from changes in humidity and temperature

Adhesive Tape Test on Smartphone Window