Ethical Management

All management activities focus the standard of behavioral values of employees to ‘ethical management’ to improve transparent and fair performance.

NDFOS will practice right values and fair and transparent ethical management to walk the right path for coexisting with customers and partners.

We will endeavor to grow and develop with all concerned parties including shareholders by improving corporate values through proactive and efficient management activities, and become a confident company by faithfully fulfilling all obligations and responsibilities. We will respect all domestic and international laws and market orders, take the initiative in establishing order of fair trade, respect social values and customs and contribute to national and social development through various social contributions. With the above, we set up the code of ethics and promise to practice to create healthy and fair corporate culture.

Attitude Toward Shareholders and Investors

Protect Benefits of Shareholders

-The company shall protect the rights of shareholders and respect fair demands and proposals of shareholders.

-The company shall faithfully share management information to establish mutual reliance between shareholders and investors and strive to maximize shareholder profits.

Equal Treatment

-The company shall treat all shareholders including minor shareholders fairly and equally.

-The company shall make management decisions by considering the benefits of all shareholders to prevent unfair breach of benefits or rights of minor shareholders.

Active Provision of Information

-The company shall provide transparent financial status and management performance by recording and managing accounting materials according to generally approved accounting principles.

-The company shall allow reasonable investment decisions to users of information such as investors by timely providing accurate management information according to related laws.

Attitude Toward Customers

Respect Customers

-The company shall think and act in shoes of customers at all times and provide the best products and services that customers can satisfy and rely on to realize customer satisfaction.

-The company shall provide accurate information on products and services without doing exaggerative advertisements.

Customer Protection

-The company shall protect customer profits, safety and personal information and shall not act illegally.

-The company shall respect and comply with customer protection related acts.

Attitude Toward Competitors and Partners

Fair Competition with Competitors

-The company shall compete according to the free competition principles, respect free market economy order and compete fairly with competitors.

-The company shall respect fair trading order and comply with fair trading related acts.

Fair Trade with Partners

-The company shall establish cooperative relationship based on mutual reliability with partners to pursue fair trading and mutual development.

-The company shall not force unjust action in any form or exert influence on partners by using its dominant position.

Responsibility to Employees

Fair Treatment

-The company shall give fair opportunities according to ability and competency without discriminating employees.

-The company shall set up evaluation standards based on ability, competency and performance of employees to fairly evaluate and compensate.

Create Work Environment

-The company shall endeavor for health and safe work environment for employees.

-The company shall provide fair opportunities to improve abilities and respect the freedom and creativity of employees to cultivate talent and support self-realization.

-The company shall respect independent personality and basic rights of employees and create an environment so that they can make proposals and suggestions.

Social Responsibility

Domestic and International Law Abiding

-The company shall comply with various laws as a member of a country and local community and comply with basic international laws.

Contribute to National Economy and Social Development

-The company shall contribute to national economy and social development through improved productivity, creation of jobs, faithful payment of taxes and social contribution.

Environmental Protection

-The company shall endeavor to protect the nature and preserve clean environment.

Basic Ethics of Employees

Establishment of Healthy Corporate Culture

-All employees shall share management philosophy of the company and sympathize with the goals and values pursued by the company to faithfully fulfill each other’s volition according to company work principles.

-All employees shall conduct given duties in fair methods and comply with work related basic laws and company regulations.

Prohibition of Acts of Conflict of Interest

-All employees shall endeavor to prevent any acts or relations of conflict of interest with the company, and in the events of conflict of interest between individuals or departments with company, shall consider the benefit of company first.

Prohibition of Use of Internal Information

-All employees shall not trade stock by using internal information gained from work.

-All employees shall not provide undisclosed information that may influence stock price to third party without legal procedures.

Protection of Company Property and Important Information

-All employees shall protect physical property, intellectual property and sales secret of the company and shall not use them for private purpose.

-All employees shall not act unfair trading by using undisclosed information gained from company to pursue private benefits by using their positions.

-All employees shall not disclose important information that may influence the profit of company.

Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

-All employees shall not use languages or behavior that may harm healthy colleague relations including physical, verbal and visual languages and behaviors that are approved to cause sexual harassment.

Prohibition of Political Participation

-All employees are prohibited from political participation during business hours and shall not use organization, manpower and property of company for political purpose.

-Although the political participation rights and political opinions of employee individuals are respected, individual political opinion and participation shall not be misunderstood as the position of company.

Prohibition of Receiving Money and Valuables

-All employees shall not receive money and valuables from concerned parties such as accounts.

-All employees shall not provide money and unreasonable gifts and valuables to concerned party such as account in relation with company work.

Compliance of Code of Ethics

-All employees shall faithfully comply with code of ethics, and shall take responsibility in case of breaching it.

-All employees shall prevent recurrence by finding the cause and training in case of breach of code of ethics.