Company Introduction

NDFOS aims for lively workplace, healthy lives and love to families.

We are operating employee welfare benefits for health, self-development, family, communication and work support so that our employees can enjoy satisfactory lives.

  • Four national insurances and accident insurance

    Four national insurances (national pension, employment insurance, accident insurance, and health insurance) and accident insurance are being provided.

  • Incentives

    Provided to promote continuous growth and development of employees to boost their morale and the will to work

  • Compensation for employee’s invention

    Compensation is given to promote application and registration of inventions such as intellectual property right and industrial ideas and improve the will to research and development.

  • Employee’s stock
    ownership association

    Employee’s stock ownership association is being operated to give the ownership mind and provide the opportunity to contribute to property formation.

  • Family event support

    Family event allowance and holiday are given to employees for wedding, birth, 60’s birthday and death. Also, congratulatory and condolences wreaths are being provided.

  • Homecoming allowance / Holiday allowance

    Homecoming allowance is given to employees during Korean New Years and Chuseok

  • National holiday and anniversary presents

    Presents are given on national holidays and company anniversary, and gift vouchers are given on employee’s birthday

  • Selective welfare benefit

    Self-development allowance, medical allowance, educational allowance and leisure allowance are given for employees and their families
    (Within certain amount)

  • Educational allowance

    Work related educational participation fees are given.

  • In-house clubs

    In-house football, basketball and fishing clubs are being operated.

  • Holidays/Paid leaves

    Legal holidays such as annual leaves, regular holidays, legal holidays, reward holidays, etc.

  • Events

    To vitalize corporate culture, various events such as anniversary event, workshop, year-end party and monthly gathering are being operated, and opportunity of replenishment away from everyday life is being provided.