Company Introduction

Concept of Talent


    Passionate and Challenging Person

    A person with the positive and enthusiastic attitude who will work in high spirits

    A person with purpose and the will to win who will resolve any problems in active and challenging attitude

    A person with momentum and endurance who will bring things to the end once started


    Creative Expert

    A person with the basic norms who will create values from unique ideas rather than indifferent attitude

    A person with core occupational view and creative thinking who will deal with customer requirements in the global era of rapid change

    A person with expertise and international sense suitable for global era through endless self-development


    Moral Harmony

    A person with customer-oriented thinking for accomplishing values and corporate goals pursued by company

    A person with the right values, sense of ethics and manners for considering others

    A person who can truly understand customers and colleagues, is easygoing and is helpful

    A person who can raise efficiency through teamwork rather than individually for the corporate goal